Palo Alto Festival of the Arts
artist listing by last name
As artists confirm their participation, this list will be updated during the first week of each month. Please check back to see if your favorite artist will be an exhibitor this year. Space locations will be listed in August.
Last Name First Name Business Name Category Space #
Abderhalden Claudia claudia A. designs jewelry  
Aloysi & Graham Cristy & Scott Viscosity glass  
Amit Amos Batik by Amit mixed media painting  
Andersen Steven Spring Garden Cedar wood  
Anh Ha Andy Andy Anh Ha
mixed media painting  
Antram Don Fine Art by Don mixed media painting  
Aoki Yoshi Yoshi Aoki
Aref Sadegh Fine Arts by Aref painting  
Austin Katherine Katherine Austin
Ayala Cindy Ayala Originals fiber  
Babayan Nobe Nobe Fine Art sculpture  
Barmore Laurie Laurie Barmore
Barney Michael North California Leather leather  
Bate Jeni Jeni Bate
mixed media painting  
Beier Mary Metalworks Art painting-mixed media  
Bergman Soni Soni Bergman Designs jewelry  
Bigazzi Davide Davide Bigazzi Studio jewelry  
Blanchard Dominique Dominique Fine Art painting-mixed media  
Bolin Cindy Cindy Bolin
Borthwick Cathi Flag Forge metal  
Britt Sue Paper Tapestry mixed media  
Britton Sarah Alice BRITTON jewelry  
Brown Karen Karen Brown Fine Jewelry jewelry  
Burg Myra Myra Burg
mixed media  
Byrne Andy Andy Welds sculpture  
Cantillo Louis Light Chasers, Inc. manipulated photography  
Cantrell Kimmy Clay by Kim ceramics  
Carson Andrew Carson Corbett sculpture  
Castillo-Bernard Margarita MARCA-Fantasy Figurative Art mixed media  
Cespedes Mario Amazon Fine Arts painting  
Chalmers Rufus Rufus Chalmers Art painting  
Chang Chunhong Chunhong Chang Studio mixed media painting  
Chapman Timm Timm Chapman Photography photography  
Charter Moorhead Christine Christine Charter Moorhead Glass Art glass  
Choi Anna Anna Choi
mixed media painting  
Choi Sang Sang Choi
Cilmi J. Scott CilmiArt mixed media painting  
Collings Sabine & David Sabine Schran-Collings Contemp. Jewelry jewelry  
Combs Roger Roger Combs Woodworker wood  
Conroy John COOOL CATS mixed media  
Coopersmith Justin Coopersmith Fine Art mixed media painting  
Cranor Pat Pat Cranor
Culevski Niko P. J. Niche fiber  
Dana Mc Cullough Andrea Of The Earth Pottery ceramics  
Dass Noelle Artimals Studio painting  
DeChauron Deanna Zen Modern Design mixed media  
Dennis Patrick Patrick Gallery painting  
Donohue Linda Linda Donohue Fine Art painting  
Dynan Stacy Stacy Dynan
painting-mixed media  
Eckels Nancy Crystal Canyon Art painting  
Erickson Gigi Erickson Arts glass  
Erickson Robert & Tor Erickson Woodworking wood  
Ernst Katharina Knitz and Leather fiber  
Estrin Irene Irene Estrin
Fastre Alain Alain Art Paintings painting  
Fiesel Francine Francine Fiesel
Fisher Michele Michele Fisher Ceramics ceramics  
Garcia Amy Garcia Design mixed media painting  
Gardelle & Walther Christian & Astrid C. Gardelle A. Walther
Gavrilis John John Gavrilis Photography photography  
Girala Adolfo Le Doux Studio painting  
Giulietti David David Giulietti Designs jewelry  
Glashoff Phillip & Chad Glashoff Sculpture Ranch sculpture  
Goldberg Marina Artech, Inc painting  
Goldenberg Eileen Eileen P. Goldenberg ART ceramics  
Goldsmith Cornelia Cornelia Goldsmith
Golkar Ali Ali Golkar Studio painting  
Gracz Jeff Elemental Images Fine Art Photography photography  
Guenther Lynn Lynn Guenther
Guillot Sylvie Sylvie Guillot
painting-mixed media  
Guinan Leslie Hidden Spring Designs mixed media painting  
Gunderson Connie Heavenly Accents fiber  
Haffner Andrea Andrea Haffner Studio mixed media  
Hahn Donny Donny Hahn California Landscapes painting  
Hakobyan Harut Harut Studio painting  
Hale Karen Karen Hale Mixed Media Paintings mixed media  
Hammer Annette Annette Hammer
Hampel Christiane Hampel Design jewelry  
Hanson Ingrid & Ken Hanson & Kastles glass  
Harper Susie Harper Designs glass  
Harrison Denise Sterling Echoes jewelry  
Hausman Michele Hausman Studio painting  
Hausserman Christine Christine Hausserman
mixed media  
Haydon Jeannie Jeannie Haydon Creative Jewelry jewelry  
Healy Kevin & Deborah Healy Designs jewelry  
Heemstra Locke Heemstra Photography photography  
Heising Helen Helen Heising Designs jewelry  
Hennig Iver & Jennifer Live Clay ceramics  
Hepner Pomm Pomm's Studio painting  
Hill James James Hill Sculpture sculpture  
Hill Jenny J.Hill Felt fiber  
Ho Xuan My swanmosaic mixed media  
Hohensee Ina Jewelry by Ina jewelry  
Hotz Bonnie Pottery by Bonnie Hotz ceramics  
Inlow Yan Yan's Design fiber  
Jackman Sharon ShaJa Ceramics ceramics  
Jacobs Hitomi Hitomi Designs jewelry  
Jaye Marne Marne Jaye
Jones Dehanna Totally Blown Glassworks glass  
Jones Janette Janette Jones Fine Art painting  
Jones Ling- Yen Ling-Yen designs jewelry  
Kerckhoffs Roy Roy Kerckhoffs Art manipulated photography  
Khare Mohan Color Communicates painting  
Kilduff John John Kilduff Fine Art painting  
Killion Tom Tom Killion
Kim Tiara & Tai Tai & Tiara jewelry  
Kirby & Chouljian Sheko & Sarkis Nyeari jewelry  
Klink Oliver Oliver Klink Photography photography  
Klocko Anne Anne Klocko Designs ceramics  
Kohn Dennis Dennis Kohn Studios photography  
Kreyer Sandy Sandy Kreyer
Kupke Peyla Birgit Birgit Kupke Peyla
Ladislaus Hans Nikko Gallery mixed media  
LaLand Willow Willow LaLand
Lazar Judy Judy Lazar Designs jewelry  
Lee Barbara Barbara Lee Photography photography  
LeGault Karen Karen LeGault-Fine Art painting  
Leiton Veronica Veronica Leiton
mixed media painting  
Liang Keith Liangs Photography photography  
Ligda John A Mark for Peace mixed media  
Linton Erin Orphan Girl Fine Art painting  
Lorraine Gayle Gayle Lorraine
Lubbers Kevin Kevin Lubbers
Mahler Candace Mahler Design mixed media painting  
Mahoney Melissa Melissa Mahoney
Maja Designs jewelry  
Marks Mendy Mendy Marks Fine Jewelry jewelry  
Marlatt Tom Marlatt Studios painting  
Matthews Rob Hidden Spring Designs mixed media  
Mc Cauley Patrick Patrick Mc Cauley
mixed media  
Mc Clendon Time Mc Clendon's Arts sculpture  
Mc Cracken Kurt Mc Cracken Ceramics ceramics  
Mc Guire Tess Tess Mc Guire Hatmaker fiber  
Mc Innis Linda Linda Unlimited mixed media painting  
Minjarez Gayle Whiteley Gayle Whiteley Minjarez Jewelry Art jewelry  
Mohr Jane Dress to Kill fiber  
Morgen Kelly Kelly Morgen Jewelry jewelry  
Morton Laura Laura Morton Art printmaking  
Mountain & Robbins Judie & Wayne Mountain & Robbins jewelry  
Mountain Susan Dawn Mountain Leatherart leather  
Moyer Alexis The Pot Shop ceramics  
Nehring Robert Rusty Noodle Studios sculpture  
Nelson Erik Erik Nelson Studio mixed media painting  
Newman Ken Ken Newman Sculpture sculpture  
Nichols & Simeonova Mark & Darina Mark Nichols & Darina Simeonova
Nielsen Beth Beth Nielsen
Noel Louise Louise Noel
Nunez Leonardo Leonardo Nunez
Ochs Jennifer Rae Jennifer Rae Ochs Fine Art mixed media painting  
Offenbacker Terenia Terenia Offenbacker Fine Art mixed media painting  
Oliver Daniel Daniel Oliver Ceramics ceramics  
Owen Jeff Jeff Owen Artworks sculpture  
Ozawa Waka Waka fiber  
Palmer Scott Copper Phoenix Studio metal  
Park Youngbok Youngbok Park
Patterson J. Brooke J.B.W. Studio mixed media  
Pavlich Walker Jamie Jamie Pavlich Walker
mixed media painting  
Paz & Mejia Napoleon & Delmy Napoleon Alexander leather  
Perkins Linda & Charles Perkins Company mixed media painting  
Pierce Will Pierce Fine Art photography  
Posillico Isabelle Isabelle Posillico
Posillico Leo Posillico painting  
Quigley Annie Quigley Ceramics ceramics  
Reece Catherine & Scott Catherine Reece Pottery ceramics  
Riche Pierre Pierre Riche Art sculpture  
Ritter Lorna Hand Painted Designs fiber  
Roche Greg & Gayle Roche Leather leather  
Rogers Charles Creative Works by Chas painting-mixed media  
Rohner Michael mixed media  
Rose Lorra Lee Feather Fantasies mixed media  
Rothschild Melanie Melanie Rothschild
Rubinstein Hong One Dream Design ceramics  
Salazar David David P. Salazar Glass glass  
Saltzman Ferne Ferne Saltzman Photography manipulated photography  
Samins Sally Sally Samins
Sauve Terry Terry Sauve Fine Art painting  
Schad Katherine Schad Studio painting  
Schatz Mark Mark Schatz
Scher Susanne ZAN Ceramics ceramics  
Schwibach Gabriele Gabriele Schwibach
Seemayer Jeff & Colinne Colors Artwear fiber  
Serilla Janice Janice Serilla Art & Design painting  
Shors Jennifer Jennifer Shors Silks fiber  
Shultz Rachel Rachel Shultz Art Studio mixed media painting  
Skelly Jeffrey Jeff Skelly Fine Art painting  
Sly Mary San Juan Silks fiber  
Smith Judith Eugene Leather Works leather  
Spangler Ross Ross Spangler Studios ceramics  
Spitzer Mandy Mandy Spitzer
Steinke Terry Terry Steinke
Stephenson Mark Mark Stephenson Art mixed media  
Stone Adam A. Stone Originals painting  
Sugimoto Eri Eri Sugimoto
Swan Lyn Forms in Clay ceramics  
Szabados Alex & Mona Alex & Mona Szabados-Enamels jewelry  
Tachibana Kayoko Kayoko Designs jewelry  
Taylor Jeff & Jimee Stonefish (Trout) Pottery ceramics  
Thaney Larisa Organic Art mixed media  
Tilley Rob Rob Tilley Photography photography  
Toth Smith Pat Pat Toth-Smith Photography photography  
Ueno Yumi Yumi Designs jewelry  
Unzicker Elaine Elaine Unzicker
Vaatz Wolfgang jewelry  
Vicknair Nicholas N & N Designs mixed media painting  
Vigallon Ric & Tim metal  
Voien Derek Of the Earth Ceramics ceramics  
Wang Zhiping Space Reflection Art LLC photography  
Ward Jonah Jonah Ward
mixed media  
Ward Mayauel Mayauel Ward Art Glass glass  
Weldon Timothy Timothy Weldon
mixed media  
Williams Hilary Hilary Williams
Williams Phyllis Fused Glass by Phyllis glass  
Williamson Suzy Suzy Williamson jewelry  
Wilson Hildegarde Hildegarde Handwovens fiber  
Wise Iris Iris Wise Art painting  
Wittenstein Katya Katya Glass jewelry  
Wohl Arlene Arlene Wohl Handwoven Designs fiber  
Yuricich Dirk Dirk Yuricich Photography photography  
Yurivilca Victor & Yaneth Victor Yurivilca Original Designs jewelry  
Zajda Peter & Nancy Zajda Glass Studio glass