Palo Alto Festival of the Arts
2014 artist listing by last name
Last Name
First Name
Business Name
Category Space #
Abascal Manuel Manuel Abascal sculpture 640
Anders Peggy Boxes and Baskets! mixed media 659
Andersen Steven Spring Garden Cedar wood 238
Anh Ha Andy Andy Anh Ha
painting 513
Archer Donald Archer, Donald
painting 521
Aref Sadegh Fine Arts by Aref painting 481
Ashar Mel Mel Ashar Photography photography 577
Athari Shawn Shawn Athari's, Inc. glass 454
Ayala Cindy Ayala Originals fiber 307
Babayan Nobe Nobe Fine Art sculpture 553
Baldwin Lynda Lynda Baldwin
painting 461
Barreneche & Schemel Juan & Daniel Mistura mixed media 236
Barney Michael North California Leather leather 108
Battiato Joseph Joseph Battiato
ceramics 333
Beier Mary Metalworks Art metal 124
Bellock Melody & Kurt Spirit and Soul of the Tree wood 305
Benitez Steve & Benita Benitez Jewelers jewelry 330
Bergman Soni Soni Bergman Designs jewelry 618
Berman Ken Ken Berman
painting 563
Bigazzi Davide Davide Bigazzi Studio jewelry 537
Blanchard Dominique Dominique Blanchard
mixed media 428
Bolin Cindy Cindy Bolin
jewelry 216
Bradford Delia Delia Bradford Fine Art painting 119
Branham Robin Robin Branham Fine Art painting 561
Brown Alice Alice Brown
painting 308
Butler Andrew Andrew Butler Photography photography 576
Byrne Andy Andy Byrne
metal 437
Cain Aileen A. Cain Warm Glass glass 562
Camé Daniela & Wayde camesculpture sculpture 649
Cantrell Kimmy Clay by Kim ceramics 529
Carson Andrew Andrew Carson Sculpture sculpture 611
Carter Charles painting 229
Caruso Jerry Caruso & Foschi Designs glass 214
Cassanova Jeanne & Don Cassanova's Jewelry jewelry 678
Castillo-Bernard Margarita Marca-Fantasy Figurative Art mixed media 564
Chaillé Michael Michael Chaillé Fine Jewelry jewelry 664
Charter Moorhead Christine Christine Charter Moorhead Glass Art glass 231
Choi Anna Anna Choi
printmaking 619
Cieslikowski Zeny Zeny Cieslikowski photography 422
Clark Greg Greg Clark
metal 540
Codina Leslie Codina Ceramics ceramics 466
Collings Sabine & David Sabine Schran-Collings Contemporary Jewelry jewelry 450
Coopersmith Justin Coopersmith Fine Art Studio mixed media 449
Cranor Pat Pat Cranor
painting 623
Culevski Niko P. J. Niche fiber 636
Cummings & Burg Liz & Myra Liz Cummings & Myra Burg
mixed media 480
Dallas Angela Art'Frica mixed media 672
Dana Mc Cullough Andrea Of The Earth Pottery ceramics 639
Dass Noelle Artimals Studio painting 657
Davison Jeff Wood Turning Obsession wood 637
De Chauron Deanna Zen Modern Design mixed media 316
Demian Marc Demian Glass glass 105
DeVore Neal Shavings wood 575
Domondon Frederico Domondon Fine Art photography 662
Donohue Linda Linda Donohue Fine Arts painting 555
Drew Evelyn Evelyn Drew
painting 583
Duncan Williams Prince Prince Silk Creations mixed media 571
Dynan Stacy Stacy Dynan Paintings painting 572
Dzialo Haller Catherine Dzialo Haller Paintings painting 324
Eckels Nancy Crystal Canyon Art painting 301
Efstratis Chris Natural Fire ceramics 645
Elmer Morrie Birdseye Woodworking wood 455
Ensign Gale Gale Ensign Photography photography 669
Embry & Blaker Julia & Paul Paihia Mosaics mixed media 674
Erickson Robert & Tor Erickson Woodworking wood 487
Ernst Katharina Knitz and Leather fiber 237
Fiesel Francine Francine Fiesel
jewelry 617
Fowkes Darcy D'Arcy Couture fiber 586
Garcia Amy Garcia Design mixed media 440
Gardelle & Walther Christian & Astrid Walther & Gardelle jewelry 584
Garney Fox & Lois Foxlo Pottery ceramics 225
Gavrilis John Timeless Images photography 213
Gerstner Rose Sympatico Clothing fiber 130
Girala Adolfo Le Doux Studio painting 471
Glashoff Phillip & Chad Glashoff Sculpture Ranch sculpture 653
Goldberg Dan Dan Goldberg Art painting 658
Goldgewicht Hannie Hannie Goldgewicht
ceramics 224
Gotlibowski Leo Leo Gotlibowski
jewelry 222
Guenther Lynn Lynn Guenther
jewelry 230
Guinan Leslie Leslie Guinan
mixed media 463
Gutierrez Roberto Roberto Gutierrez Art, LLC sculpture 533
Haeffele Deborah Haeffele Fine Art painting 459
Hahn Donny Donny Hahn California Landscapes painting 531
Hakobyan Harut Harut's Studio painting 424
Hale Karen Karen Hale-Mixed Media Painting painting 112
Hansen Anthony Anthony Hansen metal 444
Hanson Erin Red Rock Fine Art painting 429
Hanson Ingrid & Ken Hanson & Kastles glass 438
Hardwick John Fine Art of Woodturning wood 432
Harper Susie Harper Designs jewelry 634
Haydon Jeannie Jeannie Haydon Creative Jewelry jewelry 656
Hearty Carol Carol Hearty leather 661
Heilman Charlene Designs by Char glass 519
Heine Gero Gero Heine Photography photography 473
Hendrickson Lee Side Street Photographics photography 559
Hennig Iver & Jennifer Live Clay ceramics 319
Hill James James Hill Sculpture sculpture 627
Hoard Kristen Metalphoria metal 526
Hohensee Ina Jewelry by Ina jewelry 331
Homan Adam Adam Homan Metal Sculpture sculpture 421
Honeysett Chris The Luminous Land Photography photography 310
Howes Louise L. Noel painting 315
Ingram & Torocsik Kelly & Patti Patti Kelly Art painting 475
Jacobs Hitomi Hitomi Designs jewelry 474
Jaye Lynn Lynne Jaye Fine Art painting 614
Jaye Marne Marne Jaye
painting 335
Jones Dehanna Totally Blown Glassworks glass 232
Jones Janette Janette Jones Fine Art painting 629
Jones Ling- Yen Ling-Yen designs jewelry 339
Julian & Auerbock Mette & Sissel Sisters Creative Design ceramics 128
Kilduff John John Kilduff Fine Art painting 320
Killion Tom Tom Killion
printmaking 448
Klink Oliver Incredible Travel Photos photography 443
Kliss Bob Kliszewski Glass glass 327
Klocko Anne Anne Klocko Designs ceramics 532
Kostoff Helen H. Kostoff Underwater Photography photography 635
Kreyer Sandy Sandy Kreyer
ceramics 309
Kupke Peyla Birgit Birgit Kupke Peyla
jewelry 573
Lawson Blue Hungry Ghost Arts mixed media 682
Lazar Judy Judy Lazar Designs jewelry 467
LeGault Karen Karen LeGault-Fine Art painting 221
Leu Michael Gallery Leu, Inc. mixed media 133
Lu ZhengFu ZhengFu Lu Art Studio painting 441
Lubbers Yvette & Kevin Yvette & Kevin Lubbers sculpture 132
Mac Kenzie Lance Time Craft Designs metal 676
Maja Designs jewelry 670
Manzone Jo Ann Dreamweaving Designs fiber 660
Marks Mendy Mendy Marks Fine Jewelry jewelry 113
Marlatt Tom Marlatt Studios painting 115
Marshall David Westwind sculpture 567
Matthews Rob Hidden Spring Designs mixed media 464
Mayberry Thomas Oil Paintings by Thomas Mayberry painting 556
Mc Cauley Patrick Patrick Mc Cauley
wood 304
Mc Cracken Kurt Mc Cracken Ceramics ceramics 628
Mc Guire Tess Tess Mc Guire Hatmaker fiber 218
Mc Innis Linda Linda Unlimited mixed media 479
Mc Nulty Lynne Lynn Mc Nulty Knitwear fiber 677
Mc Quaid Tom Tom Mc Quaid
painting 558
Merrifield Heyoka Heyoka Studio jewelry 565
Mertz Fred Fred Mertz Photography photography 121
Merz Blossom Weaving Monk fiber 535
Meyer Ira Ira Meyer Photography photography 681
Minamora Denis Imagery mixed media 663
Morgen Kelly Kelly Morgen Jewelry jewelry 566
Morton Laura Laura Morton Art printmaking 328
Mountain & Robbins Judie & Wayne Mountain & Robbins jewelry 235
Mountain Susan Dawn Mountain Leatherart leather 666
Nelson Erik Erik Nelson Studio painting 109
Newman Ken Ken Newman Sculpture sculpture 489
Newman Wendy Wendy Newman Jewelry jewelry 107
Nguyen Hung Hung Nguyen Watercolors painting 671
Nielsen Oluf Oluf Nielsen Studio painting 523
Night Kit Kit Night
painting 323
Nisperos Michael Michael Anthony's Fine Art painting 460
Nolte & Ray Hayley & Scot Hayley Nolte & Scot Ray
metal 125
Nuñez Leonardo Leonardo Nunez
printmaking 579
Osborne Fran franosborne painting 638
Owen Jeff Jeff Owen Artworks sculpture 641
Ozawa Waka Waka fiber 332
Pagan Juliana ACM, Inc mixed media 110
Park Youngbok Youngbok Park
photography 621
Patterson J. Brooke J.B.W. Studio mixed media 632
Paz Napoleon Napoleon Alexander leather 680
Penzien Mi Jung MJ ART jewelry 633
Peters Russell & Merri Russell & Merri Peters
ceramics 589
Posillico Isabelle I S Design jewelry 135
Posillico Leo Posillico painting 137
Poulson Marv Sculpture by Marv sculpture 241
Powers Les Nature's Forms sculpture 226
Prescott Fredrick Prescott Studio sculpture 603
Prodaniuk Barbara Glynn Porcelain & Stoneware by Barbara ceramics 615
Rae Shelley Shelley Rae Studio jewelry 322
Raymond Kara Kara Raymond Studio jewelry 303
Reid John John Muir Reid Fine Art painting 447
Roche Greg & Gayle Roche Leather leather 311
Rodman & White Mindy & Paul Rodman White House sculpture 485
Rogers Charles Creative Works by Chas mixed media 465
Rom & Buddie Chris & Geoff Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie
mixed media 457
Romiti Judith & Lawrence Romiti Art Fine Handweaving fiber 427
Rose Lorra Lee Feather Fantasies mixed media 433
Rosenau Jim This Into That mixed media 219
Rubinstein Hong One Dream Design ceramics 456
Ruiz Leon Emerald Art Gallery painting 517
Rynkiewicz Mariusz Studio Rynkiewicz glass 102
Samins Sally Sally Samins
painting 518
Sauve Terry Terry Sauve Fine Art painting 673
Saydah Thomas Saydah Furniture wood 538
Scarpulla Margo Margo Scarpulla
ceramics 675
Schubert Stephen Stephen Schubert Studios painting 484
Seemayer Jeff & Colinne Colors Artwear fiber 587
Sheldon Krista Krista Sheldon painting 476
Sherman Charles Charles Sherman
ceramics 642
Shichishima Shizuko & Toshi Cisco Collection ceramics 554
Shultz Rachel Rachel Shultz
mixed media 453
Singh Kavita Painted Silks By Kavita fiber 622
Smith Judith Eugene Leather Works leather 103
Spangler Ross Ross Spangler Studios ceramics 684
Stamp Bruce Bruce Stamp Wood Sculpture wood 329
Stone Adam A. Stone Originals painting 129
Sudo Momoko Momoko Sudo painting 591
Sugimoto Eri Eri Sugimoto ceramics 655
Swan Lyn Forms in Clay ceramics 334
Szabados Alex & Mona Alex & Mona Szabados-Enamels jewelry 217
Tachibana Kayoko Kayoko Designs jewelry 581
Tamir Ora Ora's Art painting 539
Tatarsky & Bridges Justine & Clive Art on Tile by Tot mixed media 104
Thaney Larisa Organic Art mixed media 679
Todd John John Todd Photography photography 530
Toth Smith Pat Pat Toth-Smith Photography photography 220
Treick Chris Luminata Millinery fiber 313
Tubio Horacio Funsters-Objects mixed media 123
Tucker Thomas Anything Found jewelry 122
Tudzarov Beau Beau Tudzarov mixed media 613
Ueno Yumi Yumi Design jewelry 314
Vaatz Wolfgang Earth Terra Erde jewelry 425
Van Ornum Phillip Van Ornum Woodworking wood 223
Vicknair Nicholas N & N Designs painting 580
Vigallon Ric & Tim Vigallart metal 514
Voien Derek Of the Earth Ceramics ceramics 101
Vuu Nha Nha Vuu Studio and Design painting 520
Walters Joni Enchanted Burl wood 423
Wampler Sondra Sondra Wampler
mixed media 477
Wang Alice Polaris Associates painting 620
Wells Patti Patti Wells Designs fiber 557
Wesley Vera Vera Wesley Designs fiber 631
Wheeler Chris Pergamena Fine Art mixed media 524
Wilson Hildegarde Hildegarde Handwovens fiber 321
Yurivilca Victor & Yaneth Victor Yurivilca Original Designs jewelry 534